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Patient Monitoring

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Designed by Practitioners 

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myscoreit has been designed and developed by two Sydney-based Sport & Exercise Medicine Physicians. 


Manual-based PROMs reporting can be time consuming and does not easily allow for the tracking of trends over time. 

myscoreit is designed to meet the need for a simple solution to collect patient reported outcome measures whilst patients are at home and bridge the data gap between appointments.


Outcome data from myscoreit helps practitioners know how treatments are working, helps communicate better with patients, keeps patients engaged through remote monitoring and provides a business edge by standing out from the crowd.

Packed Full of Advantages.

Quick set up

In just a few clicks, a patient and their reminders can be set up during a consultation.

Automated collection

Follow up scores are collected conveniently while the patient is at home, allowing you to stay connected between appointments.

Instant data feedback

Clinicians and patients can access scores in real time and over time, assisting communication, engagement and patient compliance.

Data-driven decision making

Digital representation of the data and long-term data analytics provide confidence in treatment decisions.

Technology enabled care

Support telehealth initiatives and collect real world outcome data to provide best quality care for your patients and future proof your organisation.

Secure data storage

Meeting all Australian data protection laws, data is held on encrypted, cloud-based storage facilities with enterprise level security.

Easy to Use.  Easy to Choose.

Quick Set up:

Inviting a patient is quick and easy. Simply enter an email address and select one of the recommended PROMs from the dropdown box.  You will only see PROMs relevant to the body region you are treating.

Once invited, the patient will immediately receive an email requesting them to create a log in to the myscoreit system and they can complete their questionnaire.  This can be done on a phone, tablet or computer.


"I felt like this was the perfect tool to accurately describe the physical / emotional pain associated with my injury. When asked to verbalize 'how much pain are you in?', I have previously found it very difficult to articulate exactly how much pain I was in, how I was feeling, how it was affecting me or what my biggest fears associated with it were. I feel doctors in every field ought to start using similar tools to gauge a patient's current state."

KL, Patient

“As a busy sports physician, I have been using myscoreit to collect PROMs on musculoskeletal treatments and have found it a valuable tool. It allows me to give visual feedback to individual patients and makes it easy to audit my treatment modalities.  I can recommend myscoreit as a valuable addition to my practice.” 

Dr Donald Kuah,

Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician

Sydney Sports Medicine Centre

“myscoreit is an excellent tool which allows me to easily keep track of patient outcomes over time, even after discharge. Patients also enjoy the process of tracking their improvement which keeps them engaged in their rehabilitation.” 

Eoin Doyle,

Physiotherapist & Exercise Physiologist

Northern Sport Physiotherapy Clinic

"We have collected  thousands of outcome measures to date. 
We asked a sample of patients how they found myscoreit and they rated it 4.7/5 for ease of use and 4.3/5 for how important they thought it was to be measuring this information. So we know patients want to be involved in capturing this information to improve their care - we just have to make it easy to do."

James, Co-Founder


myscoreit is proud to collaborate with the Australian Physiotherapy Association and Macquarie University on a PROMs data pilot in 2020.

See the recent announcement from the APA below.


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